Contestant Profile
Birth Date June 8, 1995 (age 18)
Hometown Denmark
Occupation Student

Survivor: Easter Island

Tribe(s) ██ Roa
Placement TBA/18
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 0
Day(s) Lasted TBA

Kaffe4200, also known as Jonas and Kaffe, is a contestant on Survivor: Easter Island.


Name(Age): Jonas "Kaffe" (18)
Tribe Designation: Roa
Current Residence: Slagelse, Denmark.
Personal Claim Of Fame: See, this is a difficult one. I don't think there's any specific things I'm really proud of. I just enjoy it all. So either I could write 'nothing' here, or I could write 'everything'.
Inspiration In Life: Many people inspire me. Obviously my family. Then there is Greg Benson and Ricky Gervais. Both are amazing people, and especially Greg Benson has figured life out.
Hobbies: My main interest is in coffee, why my name. I've been shooting in competitions for a while, .22 and .38 Special. Then there is my cat, and I love to cook (not cooking the cat). I also collect stuff, preferably valuable, like comics and books.
Pet Peeves: There isn't many things I'd call my 'pet peeves', but religious people (this includes atheist) that just can't accept that people believe something that they don't. People can think what they want to, and I can think what I want to.
3 Words To Describe You: Positive, kind and either cheerful or innovative.
If you could have 3 things on an island what would they be and why?: I've seen enough Man vs. Wild to know that I should have a fire steel, so I'll bring that. Then a bunch of books, preferably by Michael Chrichton. Last, I'd bring something (phone, computer) so that I could stay in touch with my family.
Survivor Contestant you are Most Like: From the Danish Survivor I'm probably much like Jeppe Hansen. From the American, I might remind a bit about Caleb and Rupert.
Reason for being on Survivor: Mainly because I thought it'd be fun, but also to show that you don't have to be a strategic mastermind to win Survivor.
Why do you think will be Sole Survivor: I can win Settlers of Catan, no problem, but the strategy in Survivor is very different. So whether I'll win or not is yet to be shown, but I do think I can win.

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